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Philanthropy 2022 Mission Letter

TecFarms Philanthropies aims to promote healthier, longer lives for people living in the inner cities of the United States by focusing on the environment, sustainable energy, and public health.

Our commitment is to combat hunger, food insecurity, and health issues such as diabetes in underserved communities. We aim to provide nutritious meals to families and individuals in need while also striving to implement sustainable, long-term solutions to address food-related illnesses.

At TecFarms Philanthropies, we believe that access to sustainable, fresh, and healthy food is a basic human right. However, numerous families and individuals in our underserved communities are unable to access the resources they require to get such food and meet their basic daily nutritional needs.

Lack of available healthy resources creates health issues. We are dedicated to making a widespread change by collaborating with local organizations, schools, shelters, and food banks to offer support and healthy meals to those in need.

Our main goal is to provide immediate relief and achieve a systemic change that will help create more effective, sustainable, and equitable food systems by not only providing sustainable healthy food, but relay on data to help us improve and refine our methods. In fact, we believe that every person deserves access to fresh, nutritious, and healthy food in spite of their socioeconomic status.

We are dedicated to assisting individuals and communities in achieving a future where children have easy access to and can readily consume healthy, nutritious food.

Thank you for your help and we look forward to harvesting year 2023.




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