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Outdoor Farming

TecFarms Philanthropies is dedicated to improving outdoor farming through the use of technology, education, and research to address food insecurity, lack of access to healthy food, and hunger. One of the ways we aim to address these critical problems is by promoting and facilitating outdoor farming using innovative technology.

We fund and conduct research studies on suitable and innovative healthy organic farming practices, including the effects of different types of cover crops, crop rotations, soil tilling, and other techniques on disease management, pest prevention, crop yields, and soil health. Additionally, we offer multiple educational resources for farmers and the general public and are continuously adopting new farming methods and techniques to promote and maximize organic farming.

One of the key reasons for health-related diseases and problems is the lack of effective outdoor farming. Only traditional methods and techniques are used to farm, which produces food items and products that are not healthy and nutritious. Therefore, we emphasize the need for improved organic outdoor farming and have taken significant steps to improve it.

We invest in innovation and implement new techniques of outdoor farming to promote the production of healthy and organic food. We work with local and international firms to encourage organic food production, ensuring that sufficient healthy and organic food can be produced for people to consume.

Fresh Start Program

Reducing preventable diseases that cause death.

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