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Reduce Tabacco Use

For decades, tobacco companies have deceived the public through outright falsehoods and deceptive marketing, such as promoting e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. To counter these efforts and protect people from the harmful effects of tobacco, we will launch multiple initiatives in the most hard-hit communities to ensure that the desired results are achieved. We will work closely with stakeholders and associations to create and implement agreements, policies, and programs that prevent the sale of tobacco-based products.

Unfortunately, most tobacco-related deaths occur in middle- and low-income communities that are frequently targeted by intense tobacco product marketing. The harmful effects of tobacco aren't limited to smokers; non-smokers also suffer from second-hand smoke, which contributes to various diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Unless we take effective and urgent action, tobacco will continue to claim more lives each day.

It's worth noting that this tragedy is preventable, but the tobacco industry is consistently fighting to conceal the harmful effects of their products. Nonetheless, we are determined to combat their efforts. Our initiative to reduce tobacco use helps cities implement measures that protect people from harm and reduce tobacco use.

Fresh Start Program

Reducing preventable diseases that cause death.

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