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Energy Resource

Climate change is having widespread impacts beyond agriculture, including floods and extreme fires. Fortunately, there are emission-free and cost-effective alternatives to fossil fuels and coal available now. By promoting clean energy and with support from business, local, and state leaders, we can not only reduce carbon emissions but also create more jobs.

Our Energy Resource program, launched this year, is our commitment to addressing the climate crisis and promoting cleaner energy. Coal burning and carbon emissions have caused severe health problems like asthma and cancer, making it critical to transition to cleaner alternatives.

Our program is built on four pillars: creating effective local and state policies, growing the climate movement, electing climate experts, and retiring coal plants. We work with local and state organizations to create and pass clean energy and climate policies, including timetables, targets, and laws to reduce climate pollution and improve low-carbon transit.

We also collaborate with frontline communities and grassroots organizations to grow the climate movement, and we support the election of local and state climate experts who can drive progress from the ground up. Our program aims to retire almost all coal plants by 2030 and prevent an increased dependence on coal in our economy. By accelerating the transition to clean energy, we can prevent health problems and environmental disasters caused by carbon emissions.

Fresh Start Program

Reducing preventable diseases that cause death.

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