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Promoting Healthy Food Choices

Millions of deaths around the world can be attributed to diet-related illnesses, including cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. If we fail to take action now, we will be unable to prevent the continuing rise of preventable deaths, which places stress not only on healthcare systems but also on local economies. Our program focuses on providing and promoting healthy food choices, raising public awareness of the issue, and supporting policies that promote healthy diets.

It is surprising that eight million deaths are attributed to poor diets annually, and mortality from obesity alone increased by 128% between 1990 and 2019. However, we are committed to supporting policies that aim to move people towards healthier diets in middle and low-income communities.

TecFarms Philanthropies collaborates with research institutions and civil society organizations to devise a better way to solve the problem by following the data to identify problems, target new solutions, and measure progress.

We will also work with local schools and institutes to ensure that healthy food policies are in place for the public sector. Our program invests extensively in evaluating and analyzing policies and programs, which enables us to replicate successful policies around the communities.

By launching online campaigns that will effectively reached people in the community that will play a role in educating policymakers and the public on the health effects of junk food and sugary beverages. Our partners advocate for policy changes that aim to decrease consumer demand for unhealthy foods and beverages, and we consistently work towards promoting healthier food choices and improving the food environment.

Fresh Start Program

Reducing preventable diseases that cause death.

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