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Milk Products

Free delivery of fresh milk and
cheese from the local farm


Dairy produce

Providing locals and guests with
wholesome milk products

Quality Tested by Time

We are the leading producer and processor of store-brand organic dairy products for U.S. retailers. Based in California, we deliver high-quality dairy products that are nationally recognized.

Welcome to our Farm

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Why choose us

Modern farm

Milk Farm is a fully innovative farm, which combines modern methods of dairy production with traditions.

No pesticides

Our farmers avoid pesticides in our dairy products, which makes our produce more nutritious.

100% organic

We preserve the traditions of organic production in all dairy products we produce and offer.

Natural feed

We use natural feed for our cows so that they could produce high-quality organic milk for you.

Summer sale

-50%On all products

Purchase the best organic dairy products for your family at our online shop and save more money than anywhere else.

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About us

Integrating innovations into dairy traditions

Our mission is to create a sustainable, environmentally and technologically advanced dairy farm. We adhere to traditions of raising cows naturally combined with innovations.
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Ensuring the highest quality of our products

In dairy farming, quality assurance is an integral part of the quality strategy. As we care about our clients, we control the quality of our products on all stages of its production.
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Our position is principled to feed you with Tasty Produce

We aim to deliver the best dairy products to local citizens and city guests. Quality control and adherence to the industry standards are our primary goals.
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Our team

Featured Dairy Recipes

From Our farmers

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